Anna Sherbinina

Height: 176 Bust: 91 Waist: 62 Hips: 91 Eyes: blue Hair: blond
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Interview with Anna Sherbinina

Film directors always say she’s got the cold beauty of a Hitchcock Blond.  We discovered she’s got a very bright personality, an incredible smile and a brilliant carrier. And now she is here in Zurich for an Interview with Metro Models!

I know that it’s not easy for Russian models to get international esteem, especially living abroad. What is it that did the trick, a strike of luck or working hard at being a Russian Model in France?

It’s definitely hard work. I’ve heard a saying that a Russian model must be 3 times better than a French one in order to get esteem. Every time I get a job I am so proud of myself. As soon as I got to France I immediately started speaking, writing and even crying in French, despite all  the film directors sometimes changing my “biography “ in a film. Nevertheless, I am becoming more and more  ‘local”!

Is it difficult to be a model and have a private life? The life of a model is always interesting.

It was very hard in the beginning. I once was caught by paparazzi while on vacation with my boyfriend on Marquise island. It was then published in  a famous gossip magazine. My booker calls me and says:  Anna, this pink dress does not suit you. The pink dress from the cover of the magazine. I was shocked. Marquise is right next to Australia. Who on hell would fly 24 hours to find me there? Now I am being very careful not to get naked on the beach! Anyway, people talk, people gossip, people want to know everything about our private life.  I actually cherish the moments when being asked to sign an autograph. That makes me feel good.

You are also an actress! What is your favourite role and what is a dream role you have yet to play?

I love them all! I am in love with my profession, from the comic roles to the unusual roles in low budget films. This year I went to the James Bond girl casting but eventually they chose Lea Seydoux. You know, our profession is just like a wheel , if I am ready, next time this role will be mine. I get inspired by Charliz Theron, by her career, by her self confidence. Right now, in the theater, I am working on a role similar to hers in Monster.

You travel a lot. Where do you prefer to stay most?

Paris, at home,  or in New York like Martin Scorsese, his favorite city, and also in Mauritius and Zurich. I like  being  at home, I always try to fly there at least once a year. And obviously in Russia with my parents, saunas and Russian borsch!

Thank you for your time Anna, and we hope to see you soon again at our Model Agency in Zurich!