Arthur Keller

Height: 185 Waist: 78 Shoes: 42-43 Eyes: brown Hair: dark brown
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Arthur Keller

Arthur Keller, a Swiss model born in 1988, started his career in 2010 signed with “Red Model Management”. Since then, this six-foot-one hottie has managed to land numerous magazine photoshoots and campaigns including “Ralph Lauren”, “Burberry”, “SYN Menswear”, “N2N Underwear”, and has been photographed by established photographers Sean P. Watters and Alexander Beer, just to name a few.

As of 2016, Keller is represented by agencies all over the world — also in Switzerland by METRO Model Agency Zurich!


Interview with Arthur Keller

Hello Arthur, please tell us about yourself!

I was born in the Geneva area, I carry both Swiss and French citizenship. My parents were expats for a couple of years when I was a kid so I got to live in amazing places like San Francisco and Hong kong. When back in europe I left home at 13 to get into Olympic Sailing. I competed full time on World cups and other big races until 2010. I am now living in NY for the past 2 years.

Do you remember how and when did you start modeling and your  first modeling photo shoot?

I moved to London after I left the sailing world  in 2010 to work on my master degree and this is where modeling started when an model agency signed me.

What did you buy with your very first earning as a model?

I first paid off my masters and now I am saving pretty much all of it.

You’re a very successful model Arthur,  did you expect such a great success?

Not at all,  I worked ok in London but not any big jobs. Everything took off when Allen Osborne signed me to RED NY the end of 2010. I went there to test the market and never came back ! This guy really made me. I have never been working so well since.

What kind of assignments, as a model, do you prefer?

All of them ! It’s always different which makes it very interesting.

How do you prepare yourself for a photography session? I mean physically, mentally and so on…

I think the key is to understand what the client or photographer wants; then it helps you get into the character to deliver.

Can you share some of your recent and upcoming assignments?

I have some tvc running in the US for this holiday season. I recently shot a major spring campaign with Mario Testino, amazing experience.

What do you remember about your school days,  did you have many friends and what was your favorite subject?

Like I was saying before, I was training a lot so my school days were very condensed. There were an average of 5-10 students per class in that facility so we were all friends as we were on the same team.  I never really liked school when I was younger.

How do you do to stay in shape? Do you work out, diet or you don’t need any of that?

I do, it’s important in this business. On a regular basis I like to combine hot yoga, cardio and body weight training. As for the food, it’s the most difficult part… I follow a vegan diet most of the time, it’s excellent for you, but I do still eat meat and sweets occasionally as a treat !

I’m sure you travel a lot, what was the most interesting place you have ever visited?

I was shooting a campaign in Iceland earlier this year and this was absolutely breathtaking.

Thanks Arthur for taking your time to visit the Model Agency in Zurich!