Janis Vilumovs

Height: 189 Bust: 95 Waist: 77 Hips: 96 Shoes: 43/44 Eyes: green Hair: dark blond
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Janis Vilumovs

Alter: 22
Geburtsort: Lettland

Metro Model Agency Zurich 2016, Interview with Janis Vilumovs

When did you start modeling and how?
I got scouted online at the age of 15 and in that moment it wasn’t that interessted in how the model life would be. I was playing basketball and didnt have that much knowledge about male models standards and the industry in general . I got booked for a job in Finland for the first time for a direct booking in Finland at age 17 and thats how my career started. I then realized, that I found a way to travel and make money at the same time. So I took the next step and went to Milan’s fashion week in the same summer. From then on I started to be a full-time model.
What are your hobbies ?
My hobbies are constantly changing, but lately I ve been up to learning languages such as Russian and Spanish. I also still do a lot of sports like playing basketball. I have played for more than 10 years ,to stop forever is impossible for me, despite my back problems which were the reason why I quit to play. I sometimes get together with my ex team-mates when Im back in my hometown and play some basketball. I love the nature and I love to walk around with my wife. But my biggest passion of my hobbies I would say is fishing , my father and I have been going since I was 6 years old.
Have any of your notions of the industry changed since you’ve started out?
Yes , radically! It’s much tougher than it seems, because people only see the result on runways during the fashion weeks or campaign shootings but they have no clue how much effort models, designers and the rest of the crew have been investing into  the show.
Do you find it easy to keep work-life balance?
It really depends on the period of time. I have no problems to stay motivated and enjoy every day of my work but when you get to the point where you work for more than 3-4 days over 10-12 hours it starts to become harder but then I always try to keep my fatigue away by talking with my wife or listening to some music or reading . Lately I prefer long runs after a day of work ,that gives me some time just with myself ,listening to some music and just relax.
Have you got used to the fact that you dont really what you’re going to be doing in next three days?
Yes , I am . As I have chosen this profession and I always keep that in mind.  If I am planing to travel somewhere or do anything else I contact my MA to let them know what my plans are, so we can discuss it.
Who have been your icons?
My wife and my parents! There are no words to describe how much love and faith they have in me. In some moments Idon’t believe in myself and in those moments, I know there will be these three people that will build myself up again.
I also love Will Smith ,his way of thinking is very inspiring to me. Just the way he looks at life is impessing. There are  also a lot of other mentionable people like David Beckham , Kobe Bryant and Bruce Lee.
Do you collect all the magazines you’re in?
Yes I’m trying to. I have some but ofcourse not all. I have issues of GQ Germany, Wonderland, 10 Men , Hero , Vogue Italia and Bullet Magazine. I would say its more my moms hobby ,she likes to have them so I buy them for her.
When travelling what are the five items you must bring?
My family photo, a laptop, of course my toothbrush, my phone and some books or magazines.
Whats something you havent achieved but hope so?
My goal is to start and finish university and become a marketing manager. I would love to work for advertisement projects and do some creative job for a living.
In modeling I would say my dream would be to become a face of a fragrance line so I could see myself on billboard in Times Square. I love the way how Armani shows their qualities of their brand and the same for Gucci ,Fendi and Versace.
Whats your favorite / most memorable direction a photographer has ever given to you?
I remember my first test shooting in Milan when I had to go directly to the location where we were shooting after getting off the plane. The photographer told what I should do and then whend we were finished, he told me : ” You know there will be many times when you have no idea what to do.  Just dont panic, do what I told you today and you will be all right!” And honestly these few tips he gave me I still use at some points when I am working.
If you had to wear only one designer who would it be?
It would be Tom Ford . I admire his punctuality and his passion of perfection . His unique way of expressing fashion is impressive and I would love to have a tailor made suit one day.
What advice would you pass along to those starting out in the modeling business ?
Be patient and prepared any time cause you never know when your chance will come

Thank you for your time Janis! Our agency in Zurich, Switzerland wishes you only the best!