Jennifer Olsson

Height: 180 Bust: 89 Waist: 65 Hips: 91 Shoes: 39/40 Eyes: blue Hair: blond
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Interview with Jennifer

by METRO Model Agency Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland, November 2015


When did you start modeling and how?

I grew up riding horses and was discovered at the stable when I was 14. I only had little idea of what it really meant to be a model, but I got super excited and started working in my hometown before moving to Paris at the age of 16. I’ve been modeling since then.

What are your hobbies?

I love horses and riding them. I am also very in to working out and doing yoga. I actually just became a certified yoga instructor, it helps to balance this crazy lifestyle and supports my inner peace. I also love Karaoke.

So what was the first thing you learned as a model?

That you shoot a lot more pictures than you’d think you would, for one shot. I started when they sill only used analog films.

Have any of your notions of the industry changed since you’ve started out?

I think the business has changed a lot the last 2 decades. The internet became more commercial and people started to use social media. In the early days there was an excitement and anticipation. Everything is more instant now.

Do you find it easy to keep a work-life balance?

That’s where the yoga comes in, and it is really all about knowing your own priorities and sticking with them. Sometimes that means flying to Cape town for a one day shoot, and other times it’s not missing your closest friend’s wedding..

Have you got used to the fact that you don’t really know what you’re going to be doing in the next three days?

Yes. For better or worse, but I kind of love to be flexible in life and in general. It helps, and it keeps the excitement going!

Who have been your icons/idols?

I love the Supermodel-era with Linda, Christy, Stephanie Seymour. Those girls are all such stunning, classy and strong women.

Do you collect all the magazines you’re in?

I used to, my parents have boxes and more boxes at home stored away with old magazines, and polaroids, and I still try to save most when I see it.. Someday I will probably really appreciate it!

When traveling what are the five items you must bring?

I always bring; my computer, flight socks, yoga clothes,

And like to bring a lot of spa products when I am on trips.

I also have been in to bringing scented candles, favorite tea etc., but I have become quite lighter packer these days.

What’s something you haven’t achieved but hope to?

I would love a beauty contract

What’s your favorite / most memorable direction a photographer has ever given to you?

There are so many stories, but my favorite one was when I dressed up in half lingerie and half a monkey outfit. I had monkey feet, hands and a head-piece once for a Halloween lingerie ad. I felt very Zoolander like.

If you had to wear only one designer who would it be?

That’s a tough one, but I think I will go with Michael Kors.

What advice would you pass along to those starting out in the modeling business?

Appreciate, save and invest your earnings. Eat healthy and get enough sleep. Always trust and believe in yourself, have fun with it and don’t give up. Always stay true, to who you are!

Thank you for your time, Jennifer, and we hope to see you again soon in Zurich, Switzerland, at our modeling agency.