Karina Leps

Height: 178 Bust: 82 Waist: 60 Hips: 89 Shoes: 39 Eyes: brown Hair: blond
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Interview with Karina

When did you start modeling Karina, and how?

I started modeling about 5 years ago. Until then I received many invitations to join different model agencies but I was not interested in this business because I was doing sports professionally and other activities back home that I enjoyed. And so some time later when I finished my school and stopped with professional sports I decided that it might be cool to travel. One day my girlfriend just dragged me to an agency and they took me in.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are music, theatre, surfing (actually all kinds of sports), yoga, basketball, reading and my cat.

So what was the first thing you learned as a model?

The first thing I learnt as a model was probably that it doesn’t matter how pretty or cool you are. Not all people, including clients like you and you can’t like everyone back but you have to stay professional – even if it’s a fake smile – in order to get the job or keep the client booking you etc. In this business you get many compliments as well as many negative comments (about your body, look, personality etc.)

Have any of your notions of the industry changed since you’ve started out?

Yes, I believe so. When I started out I was more naive about the clients, money, people in general in this business. I have learnt a lot. This industry is not unicorns and flower fields … there’s not much mercy or caring in modeling, it’s a tough business.

Do you find it easy to keep a work-life balance?

It’s ok, I have my ups and downs from  time to time, especially when it’s fashion week or just people who are hard to deal with, which is why I sometimes just take time off.

Have you got used to the fact that you don’t really know what you’re going to be doing in the next three days?

I’m very used to it. I used to love it. I hate flying though … still.

Who have been your icons/idols?

I never had idols or icons somehow. I never thought about it. I get inspired by very many people, though it’s hard to name only few.

Do you collect all the magazines you’re in?

I’m sure I dont have even half of the magazines that im in.

When traveling what are the five items you must bring?

Passport, cash, book, little photos of my family and friends, pen (because most of the time you have to sign stuff or/and fill the visa form on the plane)

What’s something you haven’t achieved but hope to?

I hope to achieve a more balanced life. And smile on my face at almost all the times even if it’s a hard period. Just more kindness towards everyone and everything on my way

What’s your favorite / most memorable direction a photographer has ever given to you?

Probably something like “just be yourself”.

If you had to wear only one designer who would it be?

Dsquared, may be.

What advice would you pass along to those starting out in the modeling business?

Modeling is for the strong.