Model agencies Switzerland – the top 6 of the modeling agencies

Model agencies Switzerland  – The top 6 of the modeling agencies

Little Switzerland has a considerable density of model agencies. As a company, an advertising agency or an ambitious photographer, sooner or later, you will be looking for a modeling agency to advertise your products or services with the help of models. The choice of the right agency is crucial for the success of the project. Therefore, it is worth reading this article because you will get an overview of some recommended model agencies in Switzerland.


40 Modeling agencies found in Switzerland – Quality?

A searh query yields more than 40 modeling agencies in Switzerland within a few minutes. Surely, there are a few more, but those which are not found easily these days have little chance of keeping up in this competitive environment over the long haul. The big picture is daunting as the differences in quality seem as great as in almost no other business. Caution and research are required before settling for the next best modeling agency.

In our last article about “Tips where you should book your model”, we first examined the differences between international agencies, local model agencies and model portals.


Criteria for the top modeling agencies

What are the relevant assessment criteria? Our ranking is based on various criteria, which can be assessed without direct contact with the agency. However, only model agencies headquartered in Switzerland have been looked at.

The following points were included in our ranking:


User-friendliness of the website

Clear structure and easy navigation

Casting list

◆Contact details

◇ Easy to find e-mail addresses and phone

Is the company incorporated / registered?

Quality of models and images

Quality of images, images in high resolution

◇ Polaroids available

Customer and model friendliness

Fees for creating a compcard?

◇ Understandable terms and conditions published

◆Recognition and reputation

Importance and value of the domain

◇ Levelo of popularity based on the number of site visitors “Global Rank”

Reputation of the agency: our personal experience and  opinions from forums

Overall impression

How compelling is the modeling agency, after 10 minutes on the website

Photos of the team / owner and history of the agency

How long has the agency existed?

Around 50% of the model agencies failed already our first two criteria of our list and missed out on  the top rankings.


Here are the top 6

These 6 agencies meet most of the requirements and clearly stand out from the rest. In our opinion they are trustworthy.



METRO Model Agency

The leading model agency in our list is METRO  Models, which started in 2010. Metro representes predominantly fashion models and high fashion models who are internationally acclaimed. Great picture gallery and structure, including polaroids, videos and Instagram views. The agency has many top models and a wide selection of upcoming talents.


Visage international Model Agency

As an ex-model, Zineta Blank has set up the international modeling agency Visage in Zurich with a view to promoting new talent. The agency offers 150 female and 70 male models from different sectors and features some famous models in their agency.


Time Model Agency

An international model agency since 1971, specializing in fashion models with medium requirements, but also the agency also provides a limited “People” division. Head-quartered in Zurich.


OPTION Model Agency

The best-known fashion model agency is OPTION. Ursula Knecht took over the agency, which had been established in 1987 in Zurich. Option is an international model agency which also organizes the Elite Model Look Contest in Switzerland.


FOTOGEN Modellagentur

Fotogen was founded in 1967 by a group of fashion photographers. As a national and international agency they also promote beginners and new talents. Adult men, women and people models are offered.


Scout Model Agency

Scout was founded by Bettina Schaefer in Zurich in 2004, and in addition to fashion models also offers people, such as 30+, curvy and hand models. Scout is the leader for people models.