Nikola Romanova

Height: 178 Bust: 78 Waist: 59 Hips: 89 Shoes: 40 Eyes: green Hair: brown
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Interview with Nikola Romanova

by METRO Model Agency Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland, November 2015
Birthplace: Russia, Ryazan
Ethnic Origin: Eastern Slavic (Caucasian)
What’s your best feature: Energetic
Тop 3 beauty products: I can give my top three tips to help you look gorgeous: Drink more water and eat organic food. Less stress and more smiles. Love – it makes you lose extra weight and get younger at the same time.
Hobbies: Although this is more a profession than a hobby for me: environment design and art.
What was the last movie you watched?: Fading Gigolo
Do you have any Guilty Pleasures?: I don’t have fears – I do whatever I want
What is your biggest fear?: I would answer “none”. To have fear means to think about that. To think about something means to materialize it.
What is your dream country to visit?: A country where there are no double-faced, evil, and greedy people.
If you were not modeling, what would you be doing?: Landscape design

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you on a shoot?: When photographers show the model how to pose.
Who are your idols?: I really want my Mom to be my idol
One word to describe yourself: Crazy

Thank you for your time, Nicola, and we hope to see you again soon in Zurich, Switzerland, at our modeling agency.