Paraskevas Boubourakas

Height: 188 Size: 50 Bust: 99 Waist: 82 Hips: 88 Shoes: 45 Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
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Interview with Paraskevas Boubourakas


I was born in Tyrnavos, a small town between Larisa, the famous city of ancient warrior Achilles, close to the Olympus mountain, the home of Zeus. With the age of 18, I had left my hometown and went on a few adventures. I tried many different things, until I was 28. It was then when I decided to become a model and travel the world. Since then I travel all over the world as a model, it’s a job that requires intense passion and a really strong will.

In those 12 years of modeling, I discovered other things that also awaken my interesst. When I have time, I find myself in the EU, Switzerland, America, Asia or other interesting destinations taking pictures. When I’m back in Greece, I mostly spend time with my family, girlfriend and our two dogs, Lucy and Ben.

How is life Paraskevas?

Generally, I ave been working as a model for the past 12 years, So I feel like i don’t belong to a country anymore. I rather like to call me a citizen of the world.

What do you think makes you special as a male model?

I think that it is relative. Every shoot is looking for a different type. This is my work over the last 12 years, which I love and respect. A job that needs a lot of effort and patience.

What do you like about your body?

The most important in this job I think is to be yourself and keep your own unique look. My career is divided into two phases: first the clean , shaved face and second little wilder with a long beard and long hair, which emerged in the last 4 years of my personal travels in Asia.

What is your most intense memory of your childhood and teenager years?

The my most precoius memory of my childhood is the ultimate freedom I had as a child from my parents and endless hours playing football in alana in the St. Catherine, in my hometown, Tirnavos

What did you Imagine, the fashion world would be like, before you got involved?

I wouldn’t say imagine, because fashion didn’t really awaken my interesst before. I only knew like two to three brands.

So, after all this experience, what is fashion for you?

Fashion is creativity. Personally I think it all started with literature, poetry and  painting, followed by infinite repetition.

Is there a way to be creative in this job?

Of course! I feel like a chameleon, like an actor according the job and the concept each time. I have a lot of different expressions, which gives the whole composition a unique look.

Do you think you’ve grown as a person on the inside from leaving home?

I left home when i was 18. On the second day after I finished school, I started my journey in search of adventure and survival of any form. After these 22 years of wandering I feel fullfilled most of my childhood dreams, which is amazing.

So what’s your next step in life?

I do not like to make long-term plans especially nowadays, I try to give the best of myself and be focused on my work and my family. Simultaneously when I have free time, I work on various personal projects, such as photography from my travels in Asia, writing a book about well-being and nutrition, collecting and elaborating wood gathered from beaches or islands creating art-sculpture.

Tank you very much Paraskevas for your time with our Model Agency in Zurich. We wish you good luck for the future!